About Us

http://flyingsquidstudios.com/files/”http://flyingsquidstudios.com/sscom01.mp3 here Nehemiah Ministries is dedicated to reaching people and pointing them to Jesus so He can change and transform their lives, and in so doing, bring change and transformation to their communities. We will pursue those that are lost, hurting, bound and without hope. This will be done through relationship building...through creative spirit-led ways to relate to each age group...and through God's love and power being demonstrated.

http://soloways.ca/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://soloways.ca/contact-4/ We will follow the great commission, not only to GO and preach the gospel, but also to make disciples. As volunteers come to take their position, the gifts in each one will be used, both natural and spiritual, to bring those in need to a place of wholeness...truth...and productivity. By tackling the issues that have hindered them, it is our hope to "not just feed them, but teach them how to fish."

Being that volunteers are so essential to our mission, we will continue having classes to train and equip through "Nehemiah Ministries School for Kingdom Training". These classes are not only to train those currently in our three locations, but to plant and provide what is needed in other regions...churches...and areas in order to move them forward in reaching people with the Gospel of Christ.

Nehemiah Ministries exists to bring the love of God to a dying world and to bring opportunity for the Body of Christ to serve outside the four walls of the church, so they can fulfill the purposes of God in their lives and in the lives of others.

After years of reaching out in Crawford Village, in McKeesport, Nehemiah Ministries was awarded a plaque for the years of service they provided.